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How do we load our car at IKEA? What do we look like when we sneeze? How do we currently use the garage box that was originally intended for parking the car? They are the authentic phenomena that we do not show off, but that contain so much beauty.

I see myself as a kind of anthropologist who uses the photographic medium to show patterns in human behavior. My photographic work consists of photo series that show everyday recognizable subjects. One image is not enough for me. The story is only told in a series of photos, in which similarities and differences can be discovered.




2016 -2020   |   University of Applied Photography (cum laude) 

2019   |   Internship at Lars van den Brink Photography


2021   |   Dutch Newspaper Trouw - Tijdgeest magazine / weekly spread  ''The livestream''


2020   |   Dutch Images no. 20     Opslag verliefd

2020   |   Leidsch Dagblad     Story of the day 

2020   |   NRC Weekend 'In Beeld'     Opslag verliefd (online en offline)

2020   |   VPRO Koos     Opslag verliefd

2019    |   LEVEN! Magazine     Op kraamvisite in Leiden

2016    |   Vrij Nederland     Document Nederland Junior 


2021    |   at Life Framer       'Documenting the ordinary'

2021    |   at Fotolab Kiekie      Rosalie van der Does - Opslag Verliefd

2020   |   at PechaKuchaNight Utrecht

2020   |   at RTV Katwijk 

2020   |   at     'I am fascinated by human behaviour'


>  10th of July -  18th of July 2021     'Meanwhile here' / Artists association 'de Onafhankelijken' / Loods 6, Amsterdam

2020   |   Graduation show 'AREA' / Loods 6, Amsterdam (

2017    |    Group exhibition University of Applied Photography / Rotterdam

2016    |    Group exhibition Document Nederland Junior / Teekenschool, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam


Graduation show AREA 2020, Amsterdam             (Picture by Manon van Roosmalen)


Leidsch Dagblad, 02-06-2021

PechaKucha Night 2020

PechaKucha Night Utrecht, december 2020                             (Picture by Mylene Cybele)


Weekly spread in Tijdgeest, Trouw  January 2021

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