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Without thinking about it, we walk in the street past rows of large, closed doors. When one is open, our curiosity is sparked and we take a look inside ...

Garage boxes are a large part of the Dutch street scene. The post-war neighborhoods are full of it. They are built to park the car, but have taken on different functions over the years. What are people currently doing with this space?

In addition to the photo series below (of which you are currently seeing a selection), a booklet has been made about objects from the garages. By combining product photos with quotes from owners, the personal stories come to live.

THE BOOK (2021)


Saved love is an ongoing project for which 27 garages are currently photographed. To make it into a book in 2021, I want to photograph more. In addition, the products will also be given a place in the book. Want to stay informed about the book? Sign up here to receive updates!


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